The Nanaimo collection is the first bowling pin collection i created. My family has been the owner of a bowling alley for over fifty years. I grew up with having a bowling pin somewhere in my house at all times. For me its shape is something so familiar. And above all it reminds me of the feminine curves a bottle has. I was very motivated to start working with this object.

With the paramour and gold covered area’s I was looking to highlight the shapes of the pin. I felt inspired by old handmade vases. All the hand drawn elements are inspired by North American Indigenous art. Some of them are more decorative and others really have a meaning that sends out positivity like nature, light, power, family etc.

I wanted to create something that would elevate the pin to a new and more luxurious level. It now no longer is a object that gets hit and lifted by machines over and over but has become something that can be proudly presented in peoples homes as an unique work of art.

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